FDS (Fate DeStroyed) release a new single called “Peace With The Devil.”

FDS A.K.A. Fate DeStroyed are a Los Angeles based metal band formed in 2018. FDS is fronted by Franccesca De Struct with Chris Kennedy guitars, and TJ Morgan bass. FDS is taking on the boundaries found in Heavy Metal and twisting them to create an innovative sound that is sure to set the metal world on fire. 

Their new single is called “Peace with the Devil.”  The song starts out with a quick intro and then rapid fires straight into blistering vocals from Franccesca.  The verses in the song are straight in your face heavy metal with a slowdown into a hip hop heavy chorus.  As the song comes out of the second verse, it drops yet again into the depths of hell with some wicked growling vocals and then speeds back up to its original twisted tempo. 

The song has some killer tempo changes that are reminiscent of “Chop Suey!” by System of a Down with some beats that harken back to the days of Thrash giants Anthrax and their collaboration with Pubic Enemy “Bring the Noise.”  The song was written by FDS, produced by Chill Panic.  The song also features J-Figure from the Australian band The Weight Of Silence.  The single is out now so pick it up and play it loud and while you’re at it check out Fate DeStroyed on all their social media platforms. Also look for more collaborations with Fate DeStroyed coming up.