FAMYNE Release New Single “Once More” – LISTEN

New Album ‘The Ground Below’ Out May 13th
UK Doom trailblazers FAMYNE have released another new offering from their upcoming album. The band’s new single, titled “Once More”, is out today on streaming platforms. It’s the second track released from the band’s heart-rending new album, ‘The Ground Below’, which will see a May 13th, 2022 release via Svart Records. Speaking about the new song, the band comments:
“‘Once More’ is about a person’s daily trials and the means by which they find escape; something of a ‘Covid tune’. It originally came from a simple melody played over a riff, spawning a freestyle jam in which almost the entire song was born spontaneously. It just spilled out of us. In the months that followed, it then had to be finished remotely due to all of England going into the first lockdown. The song is a departure for us in terms of style, but we truly enjoyed its process of creation.”
FAMYNE – ‘The Ground Below’ (Tracklist)
  1. Defeated
  2. Solid Earth
  3. Gone
  4. A Submarine
  5. Babylon
  6. Once More
  7. The Ai
  8. For My Sins
‘The Ground Below’ is a brave and inimitable statement that re-draws a line in the sands of Metal tradition. Famyne boldly marches over the limits, re-riffing the rules, washing listeners in pristine waves of hypnotic melody on 8 tablets of stone-carved ageless songs that “The Ground Below” lays on the altar. Tracks like For My Sins and Babylon conjure paragon English Doom with a long line of lineage like country-mates Warning, Paradise Lost, Pagan Altar, and Cathedral to songs like A Submarine where warm oceans of sweeping guitars and wide-screen desperate euphony bring to mind
genre-changing pioneers like Anathema and Porcupine Tree. 
Mind-blowing Lead vocalist Tom Vane’s omnipotent vocals deliver the shivers in dynamite doses, unearthing perfect hair-raising emotions that are at once timeless and freshly captivating. It is an understatement to acknowledge how exceptionally unforgettable Famyne’s distinct voice is. The guitars of Martin Emmons and Tom Ross range from an Iommi masterclass to Åkerfeldt progression in a heartbeat, delivering breath-taking riff-mountains that are sumptuously original and catchy in both style and opulent panache. It
is Famyne’s canny confidence to re-mold traditional Doom metal artistry with their own wave of emotive progression that makes “The Ground Below” a brilliant restoration of the craft, reminding us how crushing and poignant innovative Doom Metal can be if done with passion. Fans of everything from Opeth, Katatonia to Soundgarden and all the trad legends of Sabbath, St Vitus, and Solitude Aeturnus will be suitably wowed in Famyne’s wake. “The Ground Below” is a modern classic, reverential but so supremely powerful that Famyne have securely carved their own place on the monoliths of the future.
Famyne: For My Sins (Official Music Video)
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