FALSET Release New Album, “Monarch”

“It’s crazy Falset‘s second album is finally out. We worked so hard on this and can’t wait for people to hear what we’ve been working on. This is without a doubt our best work to date.” – Chance LaBrie 

“This album just felt a lot more defined and in the pocket more so than anything we’ve ever released before. The whole progression of creating Monarch was a natural and effortless process.” – Zach Copeland 

Met with a tremendous response for their 2020 debut, We Follow or Lead the Way, it all started for Canadian rockers FALSET in their high school days, a mere six years ago, and since dropping their first EP release in 2018. The core trio has shown a strong work ethic and unwavering dedication, pushing FALSET’s success – the band’s main goal. Since 2018, they have seen steady growth and a rapidly expanding fan base.

FALSET is comprised of primary songwriters Zach Copeland (Vocals/Guitar), Riley Fields (Bass), and Chance LaBrie (Drums), son of Dream Theater’s James LaBrie.

No strangers to the stage, FALSET puts tremendous thought and energy into their live sets. Having fine-tuned their performance by playing over a hundred shows in Ontario clubs, as well as notable venues and events such as Vans Warped Tour 2018 (Full Sail Stage), The Opera House in Toronto (supporting All That Remains), Mod Club, Sneaky Dee’s, and Hard Luck Bar in Toronto, Ontario. 

FALSET has been featured on some of Spotify’s biggest metal playlists, with over 100,000 monthly listeners after dropping their debut album in 2020 and now more than1,000,000 streams.
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photo credit: Alex McFarland (The Trenches Media)
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