FALL OF THE ALBATROSS Release New Single “Séance”

Listen HERE

New Album ‘Rite’ Out August 18th!

NYC-based prog metal up and comers FALL OF THE ALBATROSS have released a new single off their upcoming studio full-length, ‘Rite’. The instrumental quartet bring strong elements of jazz, math, shoegaze, classical, and of course prog on their new song, titled “Séance”. Listen HERE

Speaking about their new single, Harold McCummings (guitar, keys) shares:

“‘Séance’ is a celebration of the energetic unpredictability we strive for in our music. We wanted to make a song where the heaviness felt cheerful and the intensity is present even in the quieter moments.”

FALL OF THE ALBATROSS will release their new studio album, ‘Rite’, on August 18th.

In addition to dropping “Séance”, the band will be performing TONIGHT (June 16) at Bar Freda in Queens, NY. Stay tuned for news of more live shows!

Stream “Séance” HERE

‘Rite’ Track List:

1 – Séance

2 – Glucose Guardian

3 – Not The Bees

4 – Tanya

5 – Midnight Society

6 – Tiny Jar

7 – Communion

8 – Labrakadabrador


Hailing from New York City, FALL OF THE ALBATROSS is a progressive metal group that both challenges and entertains listeners with unorthodox song structures, dizzying rhythms, and emotionally driven instrumental passages. Ranging from mathcore to jazz fusion, to ethereal post-rock, often in the same song, the four-piece weaves together a diverse array of musical influences that subverts the expectations of the listener.

With a combination of technical prowess, dance-friendly grooves, and an intense stage presence, FALL OF THE ALBATROSS presents a live show like no other.

With the arrival of ‘Rite’, the band’s second full length album, FALL OF THE ALBATROSS continues to push the boundaries of progressive music while simultaneously creating an unforgettable listen for those less familiar with the subgenre. The band intends to bring the magic of ‘Rite’ to live audiences around the country this summer.


Harold McCummings – guitar, keys

Bryan Garcia – bass

Colin Ruhwedel – guitar

Mack Rourke – drums

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