EYES OF YOUR EYES Debuts Brutal Music Video

Newly established Cleveland, Ohio-based beyond-extreme metal act EYES OF YOUR EYES are back at it again with yet another zero-tuned diabolic existential jaw-dropper, this time in music video form, directed and developed by Kira Mazur/MAZU Prod. 

Quickly developing a reputation for bringing the ultra-heavy, and hot on the heels of their previous hellripper, “Magnetron”, EYES OF YOUR EYES is showing no mercy or signs of slowing down. 

The duo has forged a forward-thinking, brutal sound and has captivated the underground with their wild and noisy sense of contagious, groove-laden and raucous songwriting. “Back On The Farm” details the downfall of consumerism gone berserk in this headbanging blast. 

Accompanied by stalwart legends Bryce Butler (Shadow of Intent) on drums, and produced by Buster Odeholm (Humanity’s Last Breath) – beneath the surface, this dark and timely track serves as a gruesome reminder and a warning of the perils of overt greed, with perhaps a hint of hope and revelation that true power resides with the people.

Bryce Butler says, “Working with the guys from Eyes of Your Eyes has been an absolute blast! There are so many different cool elements mixed together in the music. It’s like The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Humanity’s Last Breath, and Meshuggah had a baby, but with crazy Slipknot style vocals. ‘Back On The Farm’ is my favorite track yet! There are some interesting and really fun drum parts in this one!”


Watch ‘Back On The Farm” here:

Abel Autopsy explains, “This is a song that has been in the making for a few years. It started with a semi-lucid dream about the distant future, blade-runner meets Invader Zim style, how all food comes from one government-controlled source and is a paste malleable to different forms. 

The paste was distributed by a quasi-corporate entity called FOODGOV. People in the dream were bickering about the quality, taste, and texture, depending on where they purchased it, even though it was the same paste. 

There was such a dystopian quality to the dream, and I sense bits of it in our consumer-centric society today. Inspired by classic reads such as Animal Farm, 1984, and Brave New World, it is our distinct pleasure to invite you into this special piece of Nu-Hell.”

Sleep Blackheart adds, “‘Back On The Farm’ is far from the idyllic picture that the title might trigger in the mind of the inexperienced listener. It does reconnect with nature, human to the rotting core, in a way that is meant to uproot you and wake you up. 


Written in the style that we hope our roller coaster riders have come to anticipate, the bouncy-groovy riffs and the rawness of the guitars are there to accompany the listener during this ride throwing them into a bloodbath flat on their face. Enjoy!”