EVIL INVADERS Raise Hell with Brand New Video From Upcoming Live Album + DVD 

Surge Of Insanity – Live in Antwerp 2018 due out October 4th on Napalm Records!
With their trademark sound nestled between death, thrash, progressive and traditional heavy metal influences, when the Belgian Evil Invaders are unleashed onstage, metal gains a completely new, heady and exciting dimension that is second to none.  Evil Invaders is an incredible high-octane live phenomenon in both sound and vision. 
October 4, 2019 will see Napalm Records release the band’s first live album and DVD ever, Surge of Insanity – Live in Antwerp 2018, taped at the Trix Zaal in 2018! Close to its official release, Evil Invaders are now “Raising Hell” with the premiere of another stunning clip of their upcoming live record. Welcome the band’s high-energy live show right into your living room and watch the video to “Raising Hell” HERE!
“On October 4th we will finally release our live album + DVD, ‘Surge Of Insanity: Live in Antwerp 2018’! From day one, our goal has always been to distinguish ourselves musically as well as visually in our live performances.” frontman Joe commented just recently.
“We’re always striving to create new and unique visual aspects to our show. It was massive to play with a full production at the venue where we all used to go to see our favorite bands since we were teenagers. This live album + DVD marks the end of an old and the beginning of a new era for Evil Invaders. We’re just getting started…”
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