END REIGN Share Music Video for “Chasing Divinity”

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From Their Debut Album ‘The Way of All Flesh Is Decay’ Out July 14th on Relapse Records

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Features Current & Former Members of

Integrity, Pig Destroyer, Exhumed, All Out War, Bloodlet & More

END REIGN makes their Relapse Records debut with the explosive album, ‘The Way Of All Flesh Is Decay’, out July 14th!

Today, END REIGN shares the second single & video for “Chasing Divinity”.

Domenic Romeo comments on the track:

“‘Chasing Divinity’ is my favorite song on the album! Imagine the Aerosmith/Run-DMC video for ‘Walk This Way’ except that it’s Bathory and Metallica in 1986 (year adjusted so ‘Under The Sign Of The Black Mark’ and Cliff Burton can exist in the same lexicon). This is also the song where I asked Sebastian Phillips to contribute a guitar solo that ended up being so good I asked him to join the band.”  

Vocalist Mike Score adds:

“‘Chasing Divinity’ represents the twisted journey when one lets go of the mortal coil expecting ecstasy and the touch of divinity, but finding only darkness and regret. It’s a tale of traveling an endless path, encountering lost souls longing to live again and escape the torment that lies beyond the earthly plane. It’s the realization that the promise of divinity is unattainable, while the darkness is eternal and all encompassing.”

Watch the full Jeffrey Sisson directed video

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Masterminded by underground music fixture Domenic Romeo (Integrity, Pulling Teeth, A389 Recordings) and featuring an all-star cast of musicians and contributors, END REIGN fuses apocalyptic hardcore with vicious metal in a deadly collision of the classic and the modern.

‘The Way Of All Flesh Is Decay’ physical pre-orders are available via Relapse.com HERE. Digital Downloads/Streaming HERE

Watch the Music Video for Previous Single, “Desolate Fog” on YouTube HERE

‘The Way Of All Flesh Is Decay’ Track List:

1.Desolate Fog

2.Chaos Masked As Order

3.The Hunger

4.Divine Abysmal End

5.Serpent Messiah

6.House Of Thieves

7.Giving Life To Tragedy

8.Chasing Divinity

9.When Death Comes Crawling

10.The Night Creeps Upon Me

Taking musical inspiration from ’80s linchpins Amebix, Bathory, Slayer and Cro-Mags, END REIGN sees the talents of Mike Score of New York metalcore kings All Out War, Adam Jarvis of grind titans Pig Destroyer and Misery Index, former Bloodlet bassist Arthur Legere and Exhumed/Noisem shredder Sebastian Phillips joining Romeo to bring his vision to life.

Score’s lyrics explore the psychological torment of being trapped between opposing realities. “Most of the album, especially songs like ‘The Hunger’ and ‘Death Comes Crawling,’ deal with being caught between two worlds—the living and the dead, heaven and hell, what was and what is to come,” the vocalist explains.

Recorded over a year at Landmine Studios with Len Carmichael at the helm, END REIGN’s full-length debut features vocal cameos from Romeo’s longtime collaborator and Integrity bandmate Dwid Hellion, Full Of Hell’s Dylan Walker and—incredibly—Ed Ka-Spel from avant-rock fabulons The Legendary Pink Dots.

The result is one of 2023’s most aggressive and enthralling albums. “This album is like riding a rollercoaster in a theme park based on all the extreme music I’ve enjoyed throughout my life,” Romeo says. “I hope that any fans of our musical family tree will enjoy the ride as much as we did.” 

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