ENCYCLOPOCALYPSE: Signs Arsis’s James Malone to Score Soundtrack to Audio Adaptation of FANGORIA’S OUR LADY OF THE INFERNO


Los Ageles, CA- The eagerly anticipated fully-cast audio adaptation of FANGORIA’s award-winning novel, Our Lady of the Inferno, has just scored a key addition: A soundtrack composer. 

Earlier this year, Encyclopocalypse Publications—headed by the Rondo and Saturn award winning producer Mark Miller—announced that they had closed a deal with FANGORIA to produce an audio adaptation of Preston Fassel’s award winning novel. Set against the backdrop of 1980s Manhattan, Our Lady of the Inferno tells the story of the confrontation between brilliant but troubled young prostitute Ginny Kurva and Nicolette Aster, a female waste management executive who moonlights as a serial killer, kidnapping women from Times Square to hunt and kill in the Staten Island landfill at night. Throughout 2019, Miller and Fassel have announced several cast additions, with horror royalty Barbara Crampton (Reanimator, You’re Next), Doug Bradley (the Hellraiser franchise), and Mick Garris (host of the Post Mortem podcast and author of the upcoming FANGORIA book These Evil Things we Do) all voicing key roles. Today, Miller and Fassel announced that James Malone- co-founder, lead vocalist, and guitarist for the extreme metal band Arsis—has signed on to compose and record an original soundtrack for the project. 

The 80s is inextricably tied to its music” says Fassel, who is acting as a co-producer along with Miller. You can’t think of the decade without thinking about the music and the songs that came out of it. And the book is already filled with musical references, what the characters are listening to, what albums they enjoy, so it would’ve felt like the project was missing something if we didn’t have a soundtrack.” Per Fassel, Malone’s coming on board the project was a happy accident. “Mark and I were looking for just the right person to do this, because it had to be someone who wasn’t just talented as a musician but who fundamentally understood the sound of the decade, who got 80s music on an instinctual level. And then Natasha [Pascetta], FANGORIA’s Vanguard of the Vault, posted a link on her social media to a music video James had done as part of a solo project, SACRIFIXX, that he’s been working on, that’s very 80s influenced. And I listened to it and immediately sent the link to Mark, and we both agreed that he’d be perfect.” 

“When I first met Preston, we immediately bonded over our mutual love of 80’s movies such as NIGHT OF THE COMET and VAMP. I’m thrilled Preston asked me to contribute to this special project and am thoroughly enjoying creating an early 80’s soundscape for Ginny and Nicolette’s world,” says Malone.

ARSIS was co-founded by Malone in 2000. Their most recent album, Visitant—itself inspired by horror cinema— was released in 2018 by Nuclear Blast. 

Our Lady of the Inferno won the 2019 Independent Publisher’s Book Award for Horror and was named one of the ten best horror books of 2018 by Bloody Disgusting. A film adaptation is currently in development at FANGORIA with Fassel collaborating on the script and acting as an executive producer alongside Cinestate’s Dallas Sonnier and Amanda Presmyk and FANGORIA editor-in-chief Phil Nobile, Jr. The audio adaptation has a projected 2020 release date. 

VISITANT, OUR LADY OF THE INFERNO and the current ENCYCLOPOCALYPSE catalogue are available on Amazon.com.

Order your copy of Visitant here:  http://nuclearblast.com/arsis.