EMERY Share Video for “Daniel, I’m Not Gonna Make It. Go Ahead Without Me.”


EMERY—Toby Morrell [vocals, guitar], Devin Shelton [vocals, bass], Josh Head [vocals, keys, synths], Matt Carter [guitar], and Dave Powell [drums] — will release their ninth album Rub Some Dirt On It on June 24 via Tooth & Nail Records. Pre-order it here.

Today, the band dropped the video for the second single, “Daniel, I’m Not Gonna Make It. Go Ahead Without Me.” Watch it here

“The song captures one of the worst moments of my life — a car accident,” says Morrell. “I was terrified and frozen in fear. But I knew I couldn’t just sit there.  I had to move. I had to get out of my car and keep living even when the world felt like it was collapsing in on me.”

Emery is touring this summer. All dates are below.

About Rub Some Dirt On It, Shelton notes that the album “focuses on moments that were hard to navigate, but ultimately character-building experiences in our lives. When we would fall, scrape our knees, or get some other fairly insignificant injury, our dads would always say, ‘Rub some dirt on it.’ In other words, you’re tougher than you think. Instead of crying or dwelling on it, get up and keep going. Don’t let the pain define you. Instead, learn from it and become better.”

Emery has continued to grow and progress since emerging in 2004 with The Weak’s End. They’ve built a catalog of fan-favorite albums such as The Question [2005], I’m Only a Man [2007], We Do What We Want [2011], You Were Never Alone [2015], and Eve [2018]. Most recently, 2020’s White Line Fever represented another evolution as The New Fury proclaimed, “Emery is still staying relevant after almost twenty years of being a band.” Along the way, they generated north of 100 million total streams and views and earned acclaim from Alternative PressNew Noise Magazine, and many more. Not to mention, they toured with everyone from Dance Gavin Dance and Silverstein to We Came As Romans and Norma Jean. Throughout 2021, the band self-produced what would become Rub Some Dirt On It, nodding to influences as diverse as Bahamas, Billie Eilish, and Underoath, as well as Nirvana, and Alice In Chains, and Weezer. The group’s membership community Emeryland funded the record entirely, powering their self-contained ecosystem. As such, they pushed the envelope by making the album “in a two-hour span with 12 cameras and no breaks, just one session of pure collective focus.”

“Emeryland is comprised of those who most closely understand our band and deeply believe in us,” says Carter. “It gives us the confidence for the necessary risk required to push limits and try new things. In order to create at higher levels of intensity, more focus and pressure are needed than the usual basement tracking of individual parts alone. We’ve borrowed from the forms of standup comedy specials, sports, and even martial arts. We’re capable musicians and wanted to take on the challenge of training for a one-time high-pressure event. It created the optimum amount of collective focus and brought out the best in our individual preparation.”

In the end, Emery delivers their most impactful statement with the album. “Music can offer so many different things to people no matter what they’re going through,” explains Shelton. “Lyrics and music can often say what conversations cannot. Emery has given us a license to live full lives, say things we believe, have unlimited fun, make changes that would otherwise be extremely difficult, and do it all with our best friends. What a life.”

“You Stole God From Me”
“Said Enough”
I Don’t Know You At All
“Don’t Waste Your Breath”
Daniel, I’m Not Gonna Make It. Go Ahead Without Me
“Be Cool”
“Lovely Lady”

7/5 — Atlanta, GA — Masquerade 
7/6 — Columbia, SC — New Brookland Tavern 
7/7 — Tampa, FL — The Orpheum 
7/8 — Orlando, FL — Henao Center 
7/9 — Jacksonville, FL — 1904 Music Hall 
7/10 — W. Palm Beach, FL — Respectables 
8/16 — San Francisco, CA — August Hall 
8/17 — Reno, NV — Virginia St. Brewhouse 
8/18 — Anaheim, CA — Chain Reaction 
8/19 — Los Angeles, CA — Regent Theater 
8/20 — San Diego, CA — House of Blues 
8/21 — Phoenix, AZ — Marquee Theater 
9/ 14 — Tulsa, OK — Vanguard 
9/ 16 — San Antonio, TX— Vibes Event Center 
9/ 17 — Houston, TX — Scout Bar 
9/ 18 — Austin, TX — Come and Take It Live