Eleine: “All Shall Burn” EP out now!

Symphonic metal band Eleine released their latest EP called “All Shall Burn.” Look for an interview coming soon with Eleine. Brutal Planet Magazine reviewed the album and our review can be seen here:

Eleine-“All Shall Burn” EP

With “All Shall Burn” ELEINE embraces darker metal but manages to maintain their seductive ELEINE sound, with beautiful symphonies and melodies, that their fans has come to know and love. 

We proudly announce that our new EP “ALL SHALL BURN” is out!
“ALL SHALL BURN” mirrors a rough period for us festered with pain and despair, yet also relief and unity. 
Join us as we take a step into a bit darker and heavier metal that will seduce and spellbind you.
Join us, and those that are our enemies shall be no more – ALL SHALL BURN!