Drag Me Out – Unleash New Single “The Watch Of The Buried”

Unleash New Single
“The Watch Of The Buried”
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Also Release “The Watch Of The Buried”
Lyric Video
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Monday, November 2, 2020 – Denis Stoff’s melodic metal quartet Drag Me Out have today released their single “The Watch Of The Buried”. In addition, the band has also released the accompanying lyric video for the single. The single can be streamed here, and watch the lyric video here or by clicking the image below.
DRAG ME OUT - The Watch Of The Buried (Lyric Video)
Speaking about Drag Me Out’s latest single, frontman Denis Stoff shares:
“It felt like this song came straight from the torturous void, from losing absolutely everything in my life and it led me to the grand resurrection of my soul, spirit and feelings. This is nothing but our scathing effort to show our new sound that unveils the road to the paranormal and unseen – the world that I’ve been so tight with over the past couple of years. “The Watch Of The Buried” is the restoring force for everyone who’s seeking help in these anxious and overwhelming days. This is my call for you to join the world that exists beyond the borders of your fantasy and imagination.”
Drag Me Out released their debut album “Pressure” in last year. (listen here). Stay tuned for more Drag Me Out information coming soon.
Drag Me Out
Denis Stoff (vocals) – @denisstoff
Stas Belove (guitar) – @stasbelove
Easy Target (bass) – @easy_target
Chris Nokia (drums) – @chrisnokiaa
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