DETACH THE ISLANDS: “Culture Architects” Now Playing At Heavy Blog Is Heavy; The Burden To Become Fact Sees Release Next Week

[photo by Nick Karp]
Heavy Blog Is Heavy is hosting the premiere of “Culture Architects,” the new single by Brooklyn, New York hardcore/powerviolence outfit DETACH THE ISLANDS, and their impending debut full-length, The Burden To Become Fact. The new song is delivered just days ahead of the album’s release through the band’s own Dental Records next week.
The Burden To Become Fact was written and produced by DETACH THE ISLANDS mastermind Emmett Ceglia, with additional lyrics on “Culture Architects” by Dan Kelly. The bass and drums were recorded by Dominic Nastasi at Vudu Studios, the guitars recorded by Siddhu Anandalingam at Si Doux Studios, and the vocals recorded by Emmett Ceglia at Dental Records HQ. The record was mixed by Ceglia at Dental Records HQ, mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, and completed with artwork by Ceglia.
With the release of the “Culture Architects” single, Ceglia states, “I ruminate on the integrity of our memories often. Is what we remember what is truly real? Is it more real than what we genuinely experienced when we were present with that moment? Lyrically, Dan Kelly and I tackled this one together shortly before he left the band, and it was great to be able to dive in deep with him here. This song deals with our internal fight to preserve the state of our minds, how the internal struggles we engage in shape us, and trying to maintain conscious control over our experiences. Sometimes we’re resistant or unwilling to face what we’ve been through and try to stop it from changing us, or we obsess over the past and cannot be in the now. In a way we are all living in the past and are in a constant battle over our present and subsequent future with the self we are leaving behind second after minute after day after year.”
He continues, “Musically, this track has some serious what the fuck factor and will keep ears perked throughout its hair raising three minutes. Eric Messihi opens things up with a disgusting bass line and the band comes crashing in on top of it a few seconds later with one of DTI‘s whackiest guitar passages yet. Blood pumping dissonance races through the song continuously ramping up in intensity with each new section. Discordance dog-piles on top of discordance with savage screams and drums gnashing and wailing above and below. All this culminates in a breakdown that should motivate fists, spin kicks, and broken furniture all across the land.”
The Heavy Blog Is Heavy premiere of the track states, “Ten out of every hundred promo invitations grab me with the first sentence. Maybe two of them will live up to that initial hype. Today’s premiere is from a band whose brand new record did just that. DETACH THE ISLANDS mix punk sensibilities with frantic, dissonant powerviolence, and panic-inducing mathcore – with a little more emphasis on panic than math. We’ve got one of my favorite tracks from the record for you today, the marvelously manic ‘Culture Architects.’ If you’ve got some demolition to do at work/home/the breakfast buffet, stick this on in the background and let rip.”
Stream DETACH THE ISLANDS’ “Culture Architects” at Heavy Blog Is Heavy RIGHT HERE.
DETACH THE ISLANDS will release The Burden To Become Fact on cassette and digital formats through Ceglia’s Dental Records imprint next Friday, July 5th. Find preorders where “Love Is The Miracle We Fabricate” and “Reset Yourself To Zero” are also streaming HERE.
DETACH THE ISLANDS has booked a hometown release show for the album, set to hit Queens on July 7th, just two days after the album’s release. The band is also booking new tour dates, filming a video for the album, and more. Stand by for updates to post in the days ahead.
DETACH THE ISLANDS’ The Burden To Become Fact Release Show:
7/07/2019 The Footlight – Queens, NY w/ Wreath of Tongues, Dead Empires [info]
DETACH THE ISLANDS delivers a dissonant barrage of hardcore, powerviolence, and screamo. The quintet spawned after the dissolving of math/prog-metal outfit, Autocatalytica, and so Emmett Ceglia struck out to forge his own path in heavy music. While on stage he is just the drummer, behind the scenes, he is the nerve center of the group writing just about every note and lyric. However, DTI has since evolved from its one-man-project origins into a fully-fledged hardcore machine with some of the Brooklyn scene’s best joining in the cathartic fury. Guitarists Jay Kohler (Juan Bond, Semaphore) and Siddhu Anandalingam (Juan Bond, Semaphore), bassist Eric Messihi (For Sleeping Or Jumping), and vocalist Ashley Levine (THIN, ex-Mary Todd) round out the lineup.
DETACH THE ISLANDSThe Burden To Become Fact assaults the senses with technical, and emotive guitar work that often avoids genre norms, up front and filthy bass that glues the band together, desperate, cathartic, and raw screams, with a foundation of deadly precise, dizzying, and expressive drumming. The lyrical subjects range from politics to relationships, from living with Crohns Disease to the state of digital media. Moments of beauty and release keep the listener from getting battle fatigued from the predominantly discordant songs.
With a stage presence to beware, the group’s aim is to push extreme punk music into a rarely treaded discordant territory and sidestep the well-worn paths of the genres it works within. The Burden To Become Fact sees the band unloading calculated chaos minute after minute, blasting together elements of dizzying high-tension music that fans of Glassjaw, Pageninetynine, United Nations, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Cerce, and Combatwoundedveteran will want to hear right away.
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