Destruction : Live Attack

The 2020 Global Pandemic didn’t pick which industries to destroy during that dark time. There was no picking or choosing, many were hit with the same demolition hammer. Certainly, live music and venues were one of the victims that suffered greatly. Simply, the music world was forced to shut down and cancel tours indefinitely. Bands and venues around the world went into survival mode. Fans went into withdrawal for the lack of live music.

Like many other bands, the legendary German thrashers turned to streaming technology in a way to play live.

The result is Live Attack, a two audio CD / BluRay live recording releasing on Friday, August 13 through Napalm Records.

Plenty of time went into planning this special event. Even though the event occurred on January 1, 2021, details were released with a teaser video in late August 2020. 

Fans were treated to a 22-song set spanning Destruction’s lengthy career via live stream from the Z7 Venue in Switzerland.

The band pulled material from early career classic releases such as Infernal Overkill, Eternal Devastation and Mad Butcher. “Reject Emotions” from the 1987 EP Mad Butcher hasn’t been played in 30 years per bassist / vocalist Schmier. 

The classics though were not the only albums the band relied on for the set.

Destruction’s latest studio release, 2019’s Born to Perish saw some action including the title track, “Rotten” and “Betrayal” as well as 2000’s The Antichrist.

After years as a three-piece, Destruction is now a four piece with the addition of lead guitarist Damir Eskic. Eskic has the opportunity to shine on Live Attack with his acoustic to electric guitar solo titled “Damir’s Shred.” That’s what he does, shreds acoustically and electrically. 

Listening to Live Attack is a unique experience of a point in time where no one wants to return. It’s definitely a live recording but the absence of a live crowd is very strange, especially for a high energy band like Destruction. The crowd was there, just virtually from living rooms, bedrooms, game rooms or even the Loo. 

Live Attack is a nice career spanning representation. Plenty of sweat, energy and dedication went into the performance that is now known as Live Attack. Destruction may have been in survival mode and that’s understandable. In the end, Live Attack was for the fans and those who tuned in, there was no disappointment. 

Now it’s time for the fans to step up. Live Attack will be available in various digi pack formats as well as limited vinyl formats. Gold / Black, Blue Black and Black with etchings for the vinyl. 

Video for Mad Butcher from Live Attack

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