Des Rocs Announces Five-song “This is Our Life” Ep

Anthemic New Single and Music Video, “This Is Our Life,” are Released Today
Debut Release for 300 Entertainment
“‘This is Our Life’ is a reflection of the now, it’s a piece of art dedicated to the proposition
that our greatest tragedies can lead to our greatest strengths,
and that sure as hell has been true for me.”  — Des Rocs
“This New York rocker is hellbent on breaking the mold and living in the moment, even if it requires going a little bit crazy.”  – Aquarian Weekly
NEW YORK, NY – Friday, October 2, 2020 –   Des Rocs is known by his fans as an artist who would die for every single note and every single word in every one of his songs.  And that is exactly what he does on his upcoming, very personal EP, This Is Our Life, due out December 4, 2020  (300 Entertainment), and today’s release of the EP’s title track.  The five songs on This Is Our Life – “Pieces,” “Love and a Smoking Gun,” “Suicide Romantics,” “Nothing Personal,” and the title track – chronicle Des’ personal struggles that he feels every person on this planet can probably relate to.  Also released today is the music video for “This Is Our Life,” a vicious and intense metaphoric battle for Des’ sought-after birthright, destiny and true potential.  
Photo Credit:  Rory Barnes
Two years ago, Des and his best friend were living the dream.  They had spent thousands of hours paying their dues in dingy New York clubs, playing their hearts out to nobody.  “It took a minute and a little luck,” said Des, “but we rose out of there and toured the country opening for bands we’d only known from the posters on our childhood walls.”  But life can deal some curious blows, and Des’ best friend got sick.  Really sick.  And their dream quickly faded.  
Knowing that his buddy was in the best possible medical hands, Des rented an Air BNB in upstate New York, a little studio cabin off in the middle of nowhere where he could make loud noises and not bother anyone.  “I thought long and hard about who I was and what I wanted to say to the world,” he remembers, “and It was in that cabin I knew that a trilogy was born.”  This Is Our Life, that follows Des’ two previous eps – Let The Vultures In (2018) and Marty Parade (2019), “is the final chapter of that trilogy, a body of work that is the truest representation of who I am as an artist and a person.”  
The music of New York-based artist DES ROCS is boundary-bending, risk taking, riff-driven, explosive rock ‘n’ roll whose very life force is synonymous with The City.  He is a fourth generation New Yorker who toured the world as a classical violinist in high school; loves Jack Kerouac, Chopin, and biographies of American Presidents; holds a law degree; walks or bikes 10 miles a day, every day; is hugely inspired by Elvis, Roy Orbison, Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen, Queen and Jimi Hendrix.  In just the band’s first couple of years, Des Rocs has opened for The Rolling Stones, Muse and Grandson, and has accumulated north of 100-million streams.  Des Rocs has a completely new vision of rock’n’roll, and as Aquarian Weekly recently pointed out, “This New York rocker is hellbent on breaking the mold and living in the moment, even if it requires going a little bit crazy.”