Deftones: Will ‘Definitely’ Release New Album in 2020

The word on the street has been that Deftones have been quietly working on a new album since 2018. Frontman Chino Moreno was recently quoted in an interview with NBC7 San Diego as saying the new album will: “definitely be out next year.”

Among other things the Deftones front man also said they already have a full album worth of material recorded. So the fact that the music is already completed makes the likelihood of it being pushed back much lower.

The band recently played their own “Dia De Los Deftones” festival that they curated themselves and headlined. The line-up also included: CHVRCHES, JPEGMAFIA, Gojira, Hum, Youth Code, and Brutus.

Here’s the full quote from Chino:

“We’ve been working on our record for about a year now. We’re not doing that thing where we go in and lock ourselves in a room until it’s done; we are kind of enjoying our time making it. It’s been a cool process, we get together, we work for a couple weeks, whether that’s just making noise and coming up with ideas and then everybody just goes home and comes back to work on ’em a little bit more. So, we’ve been doing that for a little over a year or so.

“This summer, we actually went into the studio and recorded an album’s worth of music. So, the music was pretty much done and the last few months have sort of just been working on the lyrics and the melodies and the singing parts. So that’s pretty much where we’re at right now…

“It’ll definitely be out next year. I’m hoping that it’ll be earlier on in the year, but I feel like once I give a definitive answer or speculate exactly when, I feel like we’ll be held to it, so I kind of want to continue on. Of course, it’ll be out next year, hopefully earlier than later. Our biggest thing is making sure that it’s good. We’ll be performing it, once it’s out, for the next two or three years, so we want to be sure it’s the best it can be and want to make everyone happy — including ourselves.”