Dark Folk/Post Rock Project SULDUSK Reveals Live Acoustic Performance Video for “Three Rivers”

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Artwork by Aki Pitkänen, Narikka Photography

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, SULDUSK – a new project led by other-worldly frontwoman Emily Highfield – have released their brand new debut full-length album, entitledLunar Falls,today! SULDUSK weaves acoustic tones of dark folk with elements of doom, atmospheric black metal and post rock.
In celebration of today’s release, SULDUSK have revealed a special live acoustic performance video of their track “Three Rivers”. Watch the video, filmed at Bakehouse Studio’s DeVille Room in Melbourne, Australia, here: https://youtu.be/ocopnTVk6tQ
Emily Highfield says, “I am beyond happy to release my first album Lunar Falls today, and am deeply grateful for the support and feedback leading up to this day. To celebrate, please join my acoustic ensemble and myself on YouTube as we play a version of “Three Rivers” for you, recorded at the incredible DeVille rehearsal space at the Bakehouse Studios.”
While on YouTube, check out SULDUSK‘s latest music video for the track”Aphasia” here: https://youtu.be/0rF53CTmjDs
Order Lunar Falls now via Bandcamp. In addition to the digital version, Lunar Falls is also available as a Collector’s Edition Digipack-CD (first press, limited to 1000 copies) and LP (limited colored vinyl with poster) via the Northern Silence Productions webshop or Bandcamp page. The black/white half-and-half edition of the vinyl, which is limited to only 99 copies, is only available via the NSP webshop while stock lasts.
Lunar Falls‘ undercurrent theme is about living on the margins, and the intolerable suffering and sacrifice in the quest for identity. Nature provides much of the lyrical inspiration as the source of refuge and guidance throughout this quest. Lunar Falls is dedicated to the memory of late singer-songwriter Aleah Starbridge (Trees of Eternity).
With Lunar Falls, Emily Highfield explains that she wants to convey an escape to a soothing and real place. Her organic, earthly approach to music creates an immersive soundscape – a powerful panorama of shimmering guitars, haunting melodies and atmospheric density.
SULDUSK first turned heads a few years ago after frontwoman and then-solo artist Emily Highfield uploaded some of her compositions to Soundcloud. When the melancholic black metal-infused acoustic track “Drogue” ended up reaching over 10,000 plays in less than a month, Highfield knew she was onto something great. This inspired Highfield to create the live and current incarnation of SULDUSK – a chamber metal ensemble which has since been embraced by audiences and underground musicians alike.
Lunar Falls was engineered, mixed and produced by Mark Kelson, with additional engineering by Jesse Oberin. The album was mastered by Joseph Carra at Crystal Mastering.
Lunar Falls track listing:
1. Eleos
2. Solus Ipse
3. The Elm
4. Aphasia
5. Three Rivers
6. Autumnal Resolve
7. Catacombs
8. Nazaré
9. Drogue
10. Sovran Shrines
Emily Highfield: Vocals, Guitar
Mark Kelson: Guitar, Bass, Keys
Glenn James: Percussion
Marty O’Shea: Drums
Nicky Blackmore and Bryan Murphy: Additional Guitar
Francesca Mountford: Cello
SULDUSK online:
“Emily Highfield, the sole creator of SULDUSK, has succeeded in creating thoroughly entrancing musical experiences through seamless juxtapositions of contrasting musical styles. Even her vocals are representative of those contrasts – both caustic in their acidity and beautifully ethereal in their clarity.”
– No Clean Singing
“Mysterious, hypnotic, compelling songwriting. Haunting and beautiful, very original – gentle, soothing, and then at times unexpectedly powerful when it conjures other-worldly dark screams from the collective sub-conscious – like Mother Nature venting her fury!”
– David Hirschfelder, Internationally award-winning soundtrack composer
“Varyingly described as acoustic Black Metal, Blackgaze or Doom Folk, SULDUSK have a sound that is entirely their own and utterly captivating… While no comparison can truly capture the magic of SULDUSK, fans of Opeth’s ‘Damnation’ album are likely to be impressed.”
– Overdrive Magazine