DAMPF Return With New Single

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Last year saw the release of ‘The Arrival’, the debut studio album from Swedish metal supergroup DAMPF, which features members of Hammerfall, Crowne, and Dynasty. Propelled by singles like “The Other Side” and “Who Am I?”, the band performed at several festivals in Finland and Sweden on the strength of their first LP.

Now, DAMPF are back with the first single off their yet-to-be-announced follow up to ‘The Arrival’. The new song, “No Angels Alive”, describes a world full of evil forces and adversity.

“It’s finally time to write Chapter 2 in DAMPF’s history, and first up is ‘No Angels Alive’,” says Martin “E-Type” Erikson. “In reality, the work on the new album is just an extension of the first record. We simply continued to write, produce, and develop DAMPF’s sound and melodies, and suddenly, in that process, we were finished with our second album. What’s new and exciting is that we are now a group with permanent members where everyone has been able to contribute and thereby put their own signature and expression on the songs.”

“The expression ‘No Angels Alive’ means that evil survives in this world for no reason and the good die young.” continues Martin.

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To celebrate the release of their new single, DAMPF are performing at Cirkus in Stockholm tonight (April 27th) with Hammerfall and Battle Beast!

Stream the 2022 Release, ‘The Arrival’, HERE
DAMPF are:

Martin Eriksson – vocals

Jona Tee – keyboard

Love Magnussen- guitar

Pontus Edberg – bass

David Wallin – drums

Olivia Thorn – backing vocals

Björn Åkesson – vocals

Sam Söderlindh – guitar

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