Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons (Interview)

Dale Bozzio broke into the music scene with the help and prodding of Frank Zappa. Her involvement in Joe’s Garage helped break her out to the world. She met fellow Missing Persons bandmates via Zappa and were off to the moon. They played in the US Festival with close to a million people at the festival. She has had many other encounters that have shaped her. Some pleasant and some not so pleasant, but at the end of the day Dale has fought her way to be the best person she can and live her life to the fullest. Dale has just released a book called Life is So Strange – Missing Persons, Frank Zappa, Prince & Beyond. These stories and more are chronicled in the book

Brutal Planet Magazine talked with Dale about life. We had a very insightful and genuine conversation about all subjects involving her life. Dale shared the good, the bad, and ugly. Many interviews revolve around a piece of promotion, this interview however, was far from promotion. It was more about sharing pieces of life to help inspire others. You can hear the interview below: