CYNIC: Announce ‘Traced in Air Remixed’

Announce ‘Traced in Air Remixed’

CYNIC are announcing the re-release of their sophomore effort, ‘Traced In Air’ (2008). ‘Traced in Air Remixed’ features new tracking by virtuoso bassist Sean Malone, a vibrant new mix by PERIPHERY’s Adam “Nolly” Getgood (ANIMALS AS LEADERS, DEVIN TOWNSEND, HAKEN) as well as mastering done by Ermin Hamidovic. The album is slated for release on September 27.

To get a taste of the new offering in comparison of the original 2008 version, check out the special made video HERE.

Paul Masvidal comments: “‘Traced In Air’ has been brought up to date for 2019 – a remix where something less means a little more. Cynic has always been about forging paths rather than building walls.”

‘Traced in Air Remixed’ can be pre-ordered HERE.

CYNIC – Traced in Air remix/master comparison video
The artwork for “Traced in Air Remixed”, created by Robert Venosa, can be found together with the track-list below.
Track List:
1. Nunc Fluens (2:57)
2. The Space For This (5:47)
3. Evolutionary Sleeper (3:36)
4. Integral Birth (3:45)
5. The Unknown Guest: (4:09)
6. Adam’s Murmur (3:29)
7. King Of Those Who Know (6:08)
8. Nunc Stans (4:14)
Total: 34:05
In 2008, after a fifteen-year hiatus, the legendary CYNIC re-emerged with ‘Traced in Air.’ An album of sublime beauty, ‘Traced in Air’ blended their renowned musical prowess with splendor and grace, putting forth forward-thinking riffing fused with the rhythmical intricacy of jazz and the melodic complexity of progressive metal.
Now, a decade later, CYNIC usher forth a renewed edition of that very album. Featuring new tracking by virtuoso bassist Sean Malone and a vibrant new mix by PERIPHERY’s Adam “Nolly” Getgood (ANIMALS AS LEADERS, DEVIN TOWNSEND, HAKEN), as well as mastering by Ermin Hamidovic, ‘Traced in Air Remixed’ underscores the record’s importance within the genre.
CYNIC was formed in 1987 during the burgeoning rise of death metal in Miami, Florida before relocating to Los Angeles, California. The impressive technical abilities of the band’s founding members even caught the attention of DEATH’s Chuck Schuldiner, who recruited Paul Masividal and Sean Reinert, which led to the inception of the 1991 landmark album ‘Human.’ During the band’s career that spans over three decades, they have garnered a cult following and unyielding praise from critics for shaping the prog metal genre with their impressive creativity. ‘Traced in Air Remixed’ is no exception to this, only further lending to CYNIC’s undisputed legacy.
Recording line-up:
Paul Masvidal: Vocals, Guitar, Guitar Synth
Sean Reinert: Drums, Percussion
Sean Malone: Bass, Stick
Tymon Kruidenier: Guitar
Current Line-up:
Paul Masvidal: Vocals, Guitar, Guitar Synth
Sean Malone: Bass, Stick
Matt Lynch: Drums, Percussion
Recording studio: Broken Wave Studios, LA (USA)
Sound engineer: Warren Riker
Mixing studio and engineer: Adam “Nolly” Getgood
Mastering studio and engineer: Ermin Hamidovic, Systematic Productions
Cover Art: Robert Venosa
For more on CYNIC, visit their official FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, BANDCAMP, WEBSITE, and TWITTER.