CorpseFlower’s Debut Album Shadows Remain

Set to Release on Devil’s Night at the Witching Hour

First Single “Snakes” Drops October 14

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Paul Booth and Eve Minor come together to release Shadows Remain, the debut album by their dark electronic band, CorpseFlower. The rebellious pair came together previously to collaborate on industrial metal track, F*ck U in the past, which premiered on loudwire. The collaborative work utilizes shadowy experimental sounds and intelligent thought provoking lyricism echoing from punk roots and rebellious attitudes. CorpseFlower creates an unconventional macabre sound that resonates with every non-conformist.


CorpseFlower touches upon themes of corporate greed and capitalist propaganda in the premiere single, “Snakes”, set for release on October 14th.

…The remedies you spill are worse than what makes us all ill, prescribing different pills, so your pockets fill…


As a writer, Eve Minor has been involved with anti-establishmentarianism punk bands as well as her own works spawning underground anthems. She’s had slews of successful tours and has created a true cult following of misfits, the militia. Paul Booth, most famously known for brilliant dark surrealism art and revolutionizing tattooing, now sets the soundscapes to house the aggression Minor delivers out of the disdain of a society lost. Forces of dystopian nature on their own, they’ve developed an innovative approach to electronic music that retains its inability to obey both sonically and lyrically.


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About Eve Minor: 

Eve Minor is an independent artist from New York living in Los Angeles. She incorporates elements of industrial, black metal, trap and punk into a unique sound her vampire cult, The Militia, have called “Screw Gaze”. The anti machinist step child of Portishead and Acid Bath; She has been described as equal parts alien and experimental dark daemon. A producer, engineer, multi instrumentalist and label owner, Eve Minor has transcended mundane cliches in music and continues to stun on tour with every reinvention of her art. After selling out The Market Hotel on her Manic Summer tour, she was offered to open for Industrial rock veterans, Orgy, as well as The Wu Tang Clan’s own, Ghostface Killah. She has played the Oxnard performing arts center and punk rock bowling. She has been featured in Paste magazine, The Source Magazine, and Alternative Nation as the most diverse artist both sonically and visually of the modern era.

About Paul Booth:

Paul Booth has been a renowned figure in the world of dark and surrealist, gothic art for almost four decades. A fine artist, tattooist, filmmaker, sculptor and musician, Booth has become synonymous with transgressive and provocative work which spans a vast range of expressive forms. This variety, and continually developing style, has generated a fanbase comprising of both the counterculture and the mainstream. Booth’s early creative projects came as a result of a desire to express complex and, often challenging, subject matter. Mental illness, psychosis, torment and abuse are often dealt with in his work; the results of which has made him a permanent fixture in the realm of alternative culture. Booth has also been recognized and inducted by the National Arts Club – the oldest and one of the most respected art institutions in the United States today. In the 1990s, Booth’s inimitable style led to high demand within the celebrity circuit, and he soon became the go-to artist for top-tier clients such as Slayer, Pantera, Slipknot, Lamb of God, Sepultura, Cradle of Filth and the stars of the WWE (including The Undertaker and Aleister Black). It was with this enviable client list that Booth found himself one of the most famous tattoo artists in the world. Additionally, demand for his fine art pieces and album artwork grew, and with it, the Last Rites brand which Booth has been developing since the late ‘80s. Booth’s flagship project, Last Rites Tattoo Theatre & Gallery, occupied three-stories in Manhattan and was a testament to the creativity and drive of the artist’s vision, with each room adorned with a multimedia installation of unforgettable resonance. In recent years his work has featured in everything from Rolling Stone to Forbes. A waiting list which is several years long and numerous, high-profile public appearances across the world, booked on a regular basis, ensure that Booth is never idle. His oil paintings are produced on a regular basis, with current pieces already addressing the disruptive and apocalyptic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. As well as fine art, Booth has used his technical skills to design homewear, clothing and jewelry, all of which was well received, critically and commercially. Since 2018, Booth has been developing PERMANENCE, a feature film, which he has written with genre veteran Colin J McCracken. Devoting his immediate future to bringing his celluloid vision to life, Booth aims to once again transfer the otherworldly feel of his work into a new form, this time on-screen. Currently in the process of drafting out a visual companion to the screenplay, Booth has stated his eagerness and excitement to pursue this project, bringing a new sense of genuine terror to the world of horror. With over half a million social media fans in eager anticipation of his actions, Booth is always sought after. The only thing we know about his next move, however, is that it will be remarkable. 

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