CINNAMON BABE Partners with OTEP on New Single “The Man” + Video

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Debut EP ‘Fatherless’ – Out August 25th

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LA-based metal disrupter CINNAMON BABE has dropped another new single off her upcoming debut EP. The new song, “The Man”, sees the long-anticipated collaboration between Cinnamon Babe and iconic nu-metal dissident OTEP!

Continuing to rebel against the oppressive stereotypes of what qualities are culturally disparaged in women but celebrated in men – “The Man” is a full throttle offensive that calls out the inequity women face in society at large.

Speaking about joining forces with OTEP on her new single, Cinnamon Babe says,

“Working with OTEP was a dream come true, She is one of my biggest inspirations in music. I have always admired her strong voice and vulnerability in her music. I hope to be as successful as her one day.”

Commenting on the collaboration with Cinnamon Babe on “The Man”, OTEP shares,

“It’s just spitting facts. If [Stormi] were a man, she’d have more body autonomy: legislatively, culturally, socially – it’s a fact. In this country (and around the world), men have more control over their bodies than women do. And when sexual assault is rampant, they tell women to stay indoors – not the men. When unwanted pregnancy is on the rise, it’s never that men need to get vasectomies, it’s always ‘women need to close their legs.’ Fuck all that.”

Watch the Official Music Video for “The Man” HERE

The debut EP from Cinnamon Babe, ‘Fatherless’, will be released on August 25, 2023. Pre-save HERE

‘Fatherless’ Track List:

1) Bad Dog

2) Gaslight

3) Loose

4) The Man (with OTEP)

5) Typecast

“CINNAMON BABE is letting everyone know where she stands

at the crossroads of rock and race.” 

— Loudwire


“On the incendiary single ‘Rock And Roll Is Black’ —

Influenced by Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Take The Power Back’,

she rails against the gatekeeping of metal from its black originators.”

— Metal Hammer

“For Stormi, CINNAMON BABE is a labor of love, an expression of anguish and strength born out of a difficult upbringing and a devotion to alternative music.” – Metal Sucks

“That anyone questions the black roots of rock in this day and age

is frankly flabbergasting but, again, it probably shouldn’t be.

Hopefully, the likes of Maya can educate a few people.” — Idobi Radio

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