CINNAMON BABE Hits Back at Misogyny on Heavy New Single “Loose” – LISTEN HERE

New Interview with CNN Discussing “Rock N Roll Is Black”

LA-based nu-metal band CINNAMON BABE continues to blaze a path as one of the most outspoken newcomers in heavy music. With the immense response to their single “Rock N Roll Is Black” leading to an ongoing discourse online and escalating to the point of a ban on TikTok that lasted for several weeks, frontwoman Stormi Maya is back with a new track, titled “Loose” (LISTEN HERE). The single was engineered and produced by Esjay Jones & J.R. Bareis (Love & Death, Spoken), mixed by Joe Rickard, and mastered by Niels Nielsen (Ghost, Starset, In Flames). 

Speaking about the new song, Maya says, “‘Loose’ is about sexism and hyper-masculinity that exists within society. I wanted to ask, ‘why do some men shame women for using their bodies when simultaneously they also enjoy it?'”

Sparking coverage from all across the rock and metal media, including glowing remarks and conversations from Metal Hammer, Loudwire, Metal Sucks, Consequence, and Idobi Radio, Maya’s most recent conversation on the TikTok backlash to “Rock N Roll Is Black” comes from The exclusive interview can be seen here.

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“Cinnamon Babe is letting everyone know where she stands at the crossroads of rock and race.” – Loudwire

“On the incendiary single Rock And Roll Is Black — Influenced by Rage Against The Machine’s Take The Power Back, she rails against the gatekeeping of metal from its black originators.” – Metal Hammer

“For Stormi, Cinnamon Babe is a labor of love, an expression of anguish and strength born out of a difficult upbringing and a devotion to alternative music.” – Metal Sucks

“That anyone questions the black roots of rock in this day and age is frankly flabbergasting but, again, it probably shouldn’t be. Hopefully, the likes of Maya can educate a few people.” – Idobi Radio

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