Chastity : Songs From the Vault

Long time running Dallas Fort Worth independent rock outfit Chastity have revisited their original material roots, releasing seven recently recorded tracks. The collection of songs is available in CD format titled Songs From the Vault.

Of the seven songs, “Cake” was on the band’s original cassette tape released in 1987 but has been re-recorded with a few slight changes. It’s now known as “Cake 22.”  The song has different guitar solos and is the only track on the CD from the original cassette.

Five of the remaining tracks, “Rescue Me,” “Lights Out,” “What Does It Matter,” “See Ya Later Girl” and “Stay With Me” were never properly released. The songs have been staples of the band’s live sets over the years. This is the first time those songs are available in a physical format.

Some of the songs such as “Stay with Me” and “See Ya Later Girl” were written after the release of the original cassette tape. It was at this time, Chastity’s song writing started to see some maturity. Especially “Stay with Me” and the chorus of the song. It just hooks people in.

There is original material that’s not on “Songs From the Vault” that shows even more maturity and progress. Those songs were written after the material on Songs From the Vault. The good thing is that these songs will eventually see the light of day.

All these songs are still played to this day including the sole cover tune on Songs From the Vault. It’s UFO’s “We Belong to the Night” from 1982’s Mechanix. It’s a song that Chastity has used as an opener since the band’s formative days.

The Chastity version is not a carbon copy. The version has hints and nuances of the band’s style tucked into it and the do the song justice.

The studio process itself for Songs From the Vault wasn’t a walk in the park. Logistics made things difficult at times.

Four of the five members still reside in the Fort Worth area. Vocalist Scott Baird resides in Tornado Alley tending to a pecan farm and dodges tornadoes as well.

The tracking for Songs From the Vault dates back to 2020. Members were sending parts back and forth to each other. At times the process was challenging but the band prevailed.

As for the band, the lineup has remained consistent since its inception. Four of the five members from the original lineup are still intact. The role of bass has been the revolving door with four bass players entering and exiting.

The current bassist, Jon Carney has been with Chastity since 2013 and it looks as if he’s not going anywhere.

Songs from the Vault and Revival are available through Spotify. Physical copies of both releases are available directly from the band via Social Media.