Celebrate Women’s History Month With Awareness Campaign!

“I will be gone, I will be reborn
Behold, I have fought my fight, I’ve run my race”

“This is the sound, this is the sound, this is the sound hear me shout it out loud!”

BATTLE BEAST – Push It To The Limit
“Nothing gonna stop you
Going for the back of beyond

DORO – Do You Like It
“Would you like a woman who could never, ever get enough
Would you like a woman who is strong and tough”

“At the end of all things we will get what we deserve
So fight for your dreams and fight for what you believe”

“Cause I know I can heal almost anything
Because I am stronger than I’ve ever been”

There’s no denying it, the metal world is full of strong women running the business; on stage as artists, in offices as magazine editors, behind the scenes as managers, tour managers, agents and promoters- and the list is far from complete. Despite having a mostly male outlook, the metal community in 2021 is as diverse as ever and still continuously growing and developing. In celebration of Women’s History Month starting today, Nuclear Blast Records is launching an awareness campaign on their socials to spotlight inspiring women across all countries and industry positions, alongside no-less inspiring men willing to support female empowerment in the scene. Over the month of March, the worldwide leading metal label will share portraits of metal heads to help inspire other women and men with diverse profiles and stories. For this purpose, many great figures in the metal community such as NB artists Doro Pesch (DORO) and Olof Mörck (AMARANTHE), actress and musician Jessica Pimentel and entrepreneur Kim Dylla have submitted personal shoutouts sharing their journey in metal, their experiences of working in the scene throughout the years and their advice to all female metal heads around the world.

Tiffany Cantegrel, head of label marketing, stated about the campaign:
“Participating in making metal even more inclusive matters to me. For non-metal heads – including women, the metal community can look difficult to access while most of the testimonials we received actually highlight how supportive it is. We enjoyed giving birth to this project with a 100% feminine task force at Nuclear Blast, across different countries and teams. The response we got from all those inspiring people was impressive and stimulating, we are proud to be women in metal!”

But the Nuclear Blast campaign doesn’t stop at the bottom of your Instagram feed: We want to invite all metal heads to participate in showing the diversity of metal and share their stories and shoutouts, using the hashtag #womeninmetal.

“Everyday at Nuclear Blast, we’re building a very diverse label with people coming from all cultures, countries, gender, age. That’s what makes the power of the label: It is the connection between people sharing the same passion no matter who you are, your gender or where you come from. Women are leaders, are creators, are artists, managers and we’re standing together for equality and respect“, saysJerome Riera (Label Manager NB EU).

Marcus Hammer (MD NB EU) adds: “During this month, we want to give a platform to all the women of metal with the channels of Nuclear Blast and celebrate their leadership in many ways.“

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