CANDLEMASS Releases Lyric Video for “Angel Battle”

After the amazing reception of their latest album, legendary classic doom icons CANDLEMASS continue the onslaught of epic heaviness with the release of an exciting lyric video for their fourth single, Angel Battle, from ‘Sweet Evil Sun’!

Following the previous three earth-shattering singles, Angel Battle trudges in with a captivating guitar riff, presenting an ominous motif that parallels the story of the battle between heaven and hell with amazing guitar solos signifying the fight between angels and demons. A soft lull comes in as clean guitars and an organ play a small dirge before heavy guitar riffs trumpet once again for one last time.

With ‘Sweet Evil Sun’, recorded at NOX studio in Stockholm, the Swedish force centered around Leif Edling continue their unmatched legacy, following the inimitable ‘The Door to Doom’ (2019) and proving once more that they reign as one of the heaviest metal bands on earth, bringing epic doom to the world of metal.

Go and grab a copy of ‘Sweet Evil Sun’ out now via Napalm Records!

‘Sweet Evil Sun’ Track List:

1. Wizard Of The Vortex

2. Sweet Evil Sun

3. Angel Battle

4. Black Butterfly

5. When Death Sighs

6. Scandinavian Gods

7. Devil Voodoo

8. Crucified

9. Goddess

10. A Cup Of Coffin (Outro)

‘Sweet Evil Sun’ is available in the following formats:

=> Ltd. Die Hard Vinyl Box (Napalm Shop only)

=> 2LP Gatefold Sun Yellow (Napalm Shop only)

=> 2LP Gatefold Black

=> 2LP Gatefold Purple

=> 1CD 6pp Digisleeve

=> CD Digisleeve + Shirt Bundle

=> Digital Album

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