CADAVER: Release Guitar Playthrough For “Let Me Burn”


Back with a vengeance and hell-bent on destruction, Norwegian death metallers, CADAVER, are back in business and ready to reign. Two weeks ago, Edder & Bile, the first full length from this band’s new incarnation of Anders Odden’s original, extreme metal vision, was unleashed unto the world via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band release the guitar playthrough for the single. “Let Me Burn” which can be seen here:

Watch the lyric video for “Let Me Burn” here:

“‘Let Me Burn’ came to me at night, after one of our intense studio days in January 2019.” comments Anders Odden.  “I just got the opening riff and it led me out on this path that became the song. It was raining in North Hollywood that night and the whole feel of doom and gloom was shining through. I had with me a recording of my fireplace in Norway and knew this would make an awesome ending to the album. The song is about how we all will end up as ashes no matter who we are and what we do. It’s a nihilistic theme that means even more to me now after facing death with my cancer battle. When I was close to dying this winter, I always thought of having this song played super loud at my funeral with all the people having to read the lyrics during the ceremony. As I am not quite dead yet. I use it to tell you I cheated death,  for now. Let Me Burn. I have no fear!”

Edder & Bile was produced by the band as well as Adair Daufembach who also handled the engineering. The album was recorded and mixed at Northwood Sound Studios in Hollywood, CA. The album features vocal cameos from death metal icons Kam Lee (MASSACRE) and Jeff Becerra (POSSESSED) ensuring that this crushing rebirth has underground credentials to spare. The photo for the artwork was taken by Hannah Verbeuren and the layout was created by Justin Bartlett.

Edder & Bile is available in the following formats:

  • CD Jewel
  • Yellow Cassette (Limited to 200)
  • Vinyl
    • Yellow / Mint Swirl Limited to 1000)
    • Blue w/ Black Splatter Vinyl (Limited to 350)
    • Yellow / Mint Swirl + 7″ D.G.A.F. Vinyl Bundle (Limited to 400)

Order your copy of Edder & Bile in the format of your choice here:

Below is the Edder & Bile tracklist:

1. Morgue Ritual

2. Circle Of Morbidity

3. Feed The Pigs

4. Final Fight

5. Deathmachine

6. Reborn

7. The Pestilence

8. Edder & Bile

9. Years Of Nothing

10. Let Me Burn

Anders Odden | Guitar, Bass &Vocals
Dirk Verbeuren | Drums & Backing Vocals

WATCH: “Morgue Ritual” music video
WATCH: “Reborn” music video

Order your copy of Edder & Bile in the format of your choice, here:

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