Burden of the Sky Release Video for “The Flood”; Announce Tour with Sevendust

Burden of the Sky released the official music video for their single The Flood.” The band will be touring on Sevendust’s “Animosity Tour” in September of 2022.

“When we began writing ‘The Flood’ we were in a dark headspace. We were angry and mournful after the passing of our guitarist and founding member Bradford Shaw. Our only goal was to write a song that we could pour our soul and emotions into in honor of our fallen brother. Once we had a demo put together, we reached out to Blake (SAUL) and Morgan (Sevendust) and told them our story. We asked them to contribute their own experiences and emotions to the song and the result was better than we could have ever asked for,” says Scottie James.

He adds, “’The Flood’ is symbolic of all of the struggles in life, our demons that try to bring us down and swallow us whole; the ever-looming darkness and misery that is held back by our own will that inevitably will come crashing through the second we let our guard down. This song is our way of saying we will stand our ground — strong, fierce, and determined — in solidarity against anything life throws our way; even though we know we cannot win, we will fight for what we believe in until our last breath.”