Brutal Planet Top five feature: AVAT Top five concerts

Miami based AVAT have been feverishly working on new music throughout the last year and released a video for the song “Faith in Flames.”
Brutal Planet Magazine asked the members of AVAT to share with us their top five concerts of all time. The list includes some amazing bands that have shaped the band’s style. You can check out the new video from AVAT called “Faith in Flames” below as well as the list of their top five concerts.

Roly (Vocals): The Mars Volta and System Of A Down at the BB&T Center. Such a great production and the theatrics of The Mars Volta and SOAD just blew me away. That’s one I will never forget!
Dimitri (Guitar): Veil Of Maya, HANDS…DOWN! Seeing them was amazing because Marc Okubowas a heavy influence on me growing up in high school and someone I still look to first as guitar playing styles continue to evolve.

Jon (Bass): Taste of Chaos 2008 with Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Bullet For My Valentine and blessthefall. Taste of Chaos was amazing because it was my first festival experience, and Ministry’s farewell tour was my first show in a more intimate venue, plus I had never heard of Meshuggah until I saw them and was blown away

Roms (Drums): Meshuggah for sure. Seeing them was the most surreal experience I ever had and really solidified my want to be a performer.

Kevin (Guitar): Thrice/Animals as Leaders/O Brother back in 2012. Thrice is such an eclectic bandin my opinion, and their discography exemplifies that. Their setlist at this 2012 show reflected that evolution, and the opening bands were incredible, especially AAL.

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