Brutal Planet Premiere: The Catch, “Sex Shark.”

The Catch Premiere Their New Video And Launch New Genre? 

The Catch are an eccentric folk metal bunch hailing from … well, the high seas apparently. The first “Heritage Fishing Metal” band we’ve ever heard of, they’ve released a single called “Sex Shark,” because why not, right?  The members of The Catch aren’t an entirely unknown entity. Members of the band include: Gareth from Alestorm, Sami from Korpiklaani, Petri from Ensiferum, Keith from Cruachan, Baldur from Skalmold, Emilio from Skiltron, John Ryan – the only member with a full name and formerly of Cruachan as well as others who are hiding in the shadows.  Or perhaps below deck.   Oh, and they’ve gotten the delectable Kim Dylla, ex of GWAR to add vocals to the track, also.  

The story starts way back in the cold and dreadful summer of 2013 when Captain French and a fella called ‘Crunchy Cod’ decided to form a band. French takes up the story, “We formed a band, played a show and that was that. Crunchy Cod set sail for The Colonies and things went quiet for seven years, seven months and seven days. After that time, I started writing more fishing and pirating songs, enough to record an album in the unlikely event we get a record deal based on our rubbish videos on YouTube. Then one day we got a record deal based on our rubbish videos on YouTube with Despotz Records. Oops, better polish off those songs.”  Captain French says about the single, This song is very deep and meaningful with lyrics that will stir you and make you contemplate on life and fish …. and sharks with willy’s all over them. When the Folk Metal world heard the greatest band ever were finally planning to release a single, there was a mutiny as everyone who’s anyone in the scene were clamoring to be a part of this release.” You can catch up with The Catch here: