Brutal Planet Premier: ATTACK OF THE RISING, “Eyes Closed”

Los Angeles metal merchants ATTACK OF THE RISING have released the new video for their latest single, “Eyes Closed” – the third from their Game Changer album. 

Directed by George Mitchell, executive produced by Chris Lepre and produced by Tony  Lepre, the band decided to change things up for this video. “We had done two ‘heavy videos’ in terms of concept and we wanted to lighten things up and show the other side of the band,” says guitarist, Tony Lepre.  “We decided to parody some classic 80s metal videos, some 90s hip hop videos and even some TV show reference.   It was all about fun. Chris wanted to include the in the studio aspect / visual as well.  The studio is ‘on the boat movie magic” with Bill Metoyer producing us. Pretty much the entire concept came from Chris’s creative vision.”

As for the song itself, “This is the first one we all wrote together,” says drummer Chris Lepre.  “Musically it all came together rather quickly but lyrically we went into a dark, somber place. At that particular time, a number of public figures and people in our personal lives had committed suicide and we wrote about that: the experience of wanting to commit suicide and having known someone who has done so.”

Last night, ATTACK OF THE RISING also took to the stage for the first time since the pandemic hit, playing to a packed house in Anaheim, CA. “The band was a killing machine last night,” reflects guitarist, Billy Sablan, “You could feel the frustration of the past year and a half pour out of us in a positive way.  And the crowd ate it up.” 

“It was glorious, says, Tony Lepre.  We were on fire. My brother Chris’ drumming was vibrating the stage and just the energy coming off of that stage was undeniable. !  It was amazing across the board.  When do we get to do this again??”

You can purchase “Eyes Closed” on iTunes and stream it on Spotify.  Game Changer is in stores on July 30th 

ATTACK OF THE RISING can be found online here:

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