Brutal Planet Magazine Interviews Tom Dare of “Hell Bent For Metal” Podcast

2020 forced many people to spend the majority of their lives at home. Work was being done from home and any extracurricular activities came to a halt. With all of this extra time on their hands some people binge watched TV show and others decided to start new hobbies. Tom Dare was one of those people with the latter on his mind, and he decided to dive into the world of podcasting. Being a life long metalhead Tom knew the market was saturated with metal podcast already. Being a member of the LGBTQ community, Tom opted on a podcast that would concentrate on metal from a LGBTQ point of view. He started the podcast called “Hell Bent For Metal.”
Recently a photo of Roddy Bottum (Faith No More, Man on Man) posted a photo on social media of him and his partner engaging in a kiss, what would normally be an innocent pose. Because the photo was of two men it blew up. The photo appeared on Blabbermouth and the comments began rolling in. Most were positive but some were blatantly Homophobic.
Tom read the comments and decided it was time to act and wrote a piece that appeared in Kerrang magazine and was titled “We need to talk about metal’s online homophobia problem.”
It was at this point Brutal Planet Magazine decided to talk with Tom and bring this subject to light and try to help educate people as to the hate that is still popping up in the metal world. You can hear the interview below and you can check out the podcast here:
Hell Bent For Metal:

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