Brutal Planet Magazine interviews Myrath

From the deserts of Tunisia, Myrath has worked hard to establish themselves in the metal world. Their style of music blends metal and their unique heritage to create a sound that is Myrath.
Brutal Planet Magazine had a chance to interview the band via email and talk to them about themselves as well as their latest album Live In Carthage

You can read the interview below as well as our review of Live in Carthage here:

Myrath Live in Carthage BPM review

Brutal Planet Magzine: I think it would be appropriate to ask you to introduce yourself to our readers. Where you are from, a little about your music and how long you have been around? 

Myrath: We are Myrath, we have been around for a little over 15 years, playing Blazing Desert Metal. We have our own signature sound that is infused with our rich Tunisian and North African folklore heritage. 

Being that you are from Tunisia and I am guessing there is not a huge metal presence there what bands did you draw your musical influences from? 

On the contrary, the metal scene is quite rich and versatile in Tunisia. It is constantly growing stronger and more prominent with time.  My musical influences came from a teenage fascination with progressive metal, bands such as Symphony X, Dream Theatre, Death.  As for the band, each one of us has different influences in addition to our common love for metal and rock music. 

Your latest album Shehili has given you the opportunity to expand your fan base tremendously. Since it has been almost year since its release what has it been like to see the album explode in the metal ranks? Was there a moment in which you realized that you were making huge strides as a band and what was that moment? A show or tour, album sales?

I guess the feeling of reaching a whole new level started off with Legacy album back in 2016, we started seeing the expansion you talk about in our fan base since then, and with Shehili it felt like a natural continuation to the momentum that took off in Legacy. 

I cannot precisely put my finger on a moment of realization because every experience we went through as a band was unique and memorable, from crowds singing along, to increasing views on our music videos and powerful festival appearances, every step along the way had its own flavor and all of them served as an assurance that we are on the right track. 

You recently were on tour with Swedish symphonic metal band Eleine before the tour was cut short. How was that tour going and how was it touring with Eleine? Do you happen to have a memorable story you would like to share with us about the tour?  

Indeed, our tour with Eleine was unfortunately cut short before we all had the chance to get to know each other better but despite that, we all had a blast in the little time we’ve spent on this tour. It seems all of my memories are about the mishaps and weird complications that would happen but almost always get turned into a funny situation that we’ll all remember laughingly. 

With the world on the verge of global lockdown, how have you guys been affected by COVID 19? How can fans help support you at this time? Is there tour merchandise that fans can find online to help offset the cost of a canceled tour?  

Everybody around the world is sadly affected by this pandemic and of course, we were too. 

Our tour was cut short after two weeks only, and 3 of our members are now stranded with no way to get back home until the lockdown eases and transportation is back to normal. 

We have exceptionally released our Magical Tour merchandise online, this way, we hopefully can recover some of our losses during this tour, in addition to offering our fans some cool items that they would have got during our tour. 

Our merchandise can be found on:

What words would you like to share with the Myrath fans out there to let them know you will be back stronger when the time is right?

We will be back stronger, for sure, and we hope everybody else will be back too! We’ve been through many hardships and we always come out the other end stronger and more resilient.  This is a very difficult time for the whole world, but it will be over at some point until then, believe and carry on, while staying safe! 

Thank you again for your time and your answers and seeing you back when the world is back on its feet again.  Thank you and we will be seeing you soon on a much brighter day! 

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