Brutal Planet Magazine interviews Marcus Jidell of Avatarium

Swedish doom metal band Avatarium released The Fire I Long For in November of 2019. In early 2020 they did two shows in Sweden that would serve as warm-ups for their summer’s tour. The show in Stockholm was recorded and live-streamed. This recording would be the first of only two shows in 2020 for Avatarium.
As bands try and find new ways to engage fans during 2020 Avatarium went back through the footage of the Stockholm show and put it all together and mixed it again and will be releasing it on August 28, 2020.
Brutal Planet Magazine talked with Marcus Jidell about the new concert recording and how the band has navigated life through 2020. You can hear the interview below and purchase the concert at the link: Avatarium Live in Stocholm

“Shake That Demon” live from Stockholm
“Sky at the Bottom of the Sea” live from Stockholm