Brutal Planet Magazine interviews Bob Catley of Magnum

Magnum in 2018

The story of Magnum has been playing out since the early 70’s when they were entertaining patrons of the Rum Runner in Birmingham England.  Those days are far behind them but playing in their hometown of Birmingham is always special.  In 2018 Magnum played Symphony Hall to a sold out crowd.  That show was recorded, mastered and now being released.  On January 18, 2019 Magnum Live at Symphony Hall will hit stores.  

Brutal Planet Magazine interviewed Bob Catley (founding member and lead vocalist) to get an idea of what to expect from Magnum this year.  Bob told stories about the Rum Runner days as well as stories from their first tour in the US on the Blizzard of OZ tour.  That’s right Magnum opened for Ozzy on the Blizzard of OZ tour.  Bob also talked about the upcoming Avantasia tour and Magnum’s summer plans.  Check out the full interview below and the link to our review of Live at Symphony Hall here:

Brutal Planet Reviews Magnum Live at Symphony Hall