Brutal Planet Magazine interviews Bill Hudson Of North Tale

North Tale is the dream project of guitarist Bill Hudson. The band consists of members from around the world. Their debut album Welcome to Paradise came out in 2019 and set the Melodic Metal world afire. With 2020 being a total wash for supporting the album Bill and set out to write a new album. However creative differences found their way in to North Tale and singer Christian Eriksson left the band to be replaced by Guilherme Hirose. On October 11, 2021 North Tale will release Eternal Flame. The album infuses many of the band’s influences and infuses them into their signature Melodic Metal sound.

Brutal Planet Magazine talked with Bill about the Eternal Flame and some of the sounds infused into the album. You can watch the interview below and pick up the album for yourself on October 11, 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records.