Brutal Planet Magazine interviews Ben Lionetti and Jesse Doran of Lakeshore


As the roaring 20’s ushers in you would think that doing a sit-down interview via Skype would be a piece of cake.  Especially since both sides have done hundreds of them.  Well, think again.  In these trouble times even, technology can become a challenge and provide Spinal Tap like moments where you just have to run with it and have fun.  Brutal Planet Magazine recently chatted with Jesse Doran and Ben Lionetti of the band Lakeshore.  The interview started as Skype then went to a cell phone.  After a few minutes of that, we switched to a good old fashion landline and then went back and finished in Skype mode.  You can say anything you want about Lakeshore but you can’t say they are not dedicated.  Through thick and thin they pulled the interview off with the confidence of well season musicians.  We chatted about their new single “Mountain View” and their upcoming tour called OK, Psychopath Tour.  You can hear the whole interview pieced together for your audio pleasure here:

Make sure that you check these out these guys when they come to a town near you.  They promise an amazing live show.