Brutal Planet Magazine Interviews Anders Engberg of Sorcerer

2020 saw a world in quarantine looking for ways to escape reality. For metalheads one of those escapes came in the form of album releases from some of our favorite bands. Sorcerer was one of those bands who were set to release an album and did so regardless of a global pandemic. Lamenting of the Innocent was a true success for the band as they earned new fans worldwide. In 2021 Sorcerer recorded a couple of covers and released them as singles for the rest of the world to hear.

Brutal Planet Magazine talked with Sorcerer vocalist Anders Engberg about the new singles as well as a bit of brag they received from the king of doom himself Mr. Tony Iommi. You can hear the interview below as well as see the moment well worth bragging about. Go to: for all of your Sorcerer needs!!