Brutal Planet Magazine Exclusive Premier of Liv Sin “Blood Moon Fever.”

Capitalizing on the success of their debut album Follow Me, Liv Sin is now poised to conquer the metal scene again with their new album Burning Sermons which will be released on September 6, 2019.
The first single to be released from Burning Sermons was “Slave to the Machine.” Next is “Blood Moon Fever.” When asked about the song here is what Liv had to say about it:
“‘Blood Moon Fever’ is a catchy and heavy melody driven song that will make you wanna both headbang and dance! The single represents a new beginning, about leaving old stuff behind you and go out in the world as a reborn creature. We thought that the concept suited well with a new album on its way, which might sound a bit different from the first one. Some of our sinners out there might be surprised by the sound of this one where our producer Emil Nödtveidts influence really shines through. Prepare to get this tune spinning in your head for a long time to come!”