Brutal Planet Magazine exclusive premier of FACE WITHOUT FEAR lyric video “Deliverance.”

Formed in 2017 by former Static-X, Dope and Murderdolls guitarist Tripp Eisen, New Jersey quintet FACE WITHOUT FEAR draw you in with gritty yet polished guitar work, electronic sampling, and metal vocals infused with surprisingly refined melodic phrasing. In terms of lyricism, the concepts of individualism, liberty and freedom, as well as the universal experience with human relationships permeate their lyrics. The band also takes inspiration from the conceptual and futuristic world of Ayn Rand, and is where the band’s name is drawn from….. the face without fear (Atlas Shrugged Part 2, Chapter 9).

Tripp was one of the founding members of NYC industrial groundbreakers Dope, as well as The Murderdolls whom he put together in 2000 with Slipknot drummer, Joey Jordison. He is best known as the guitarist for Warner Bros multi-platinum recording artists Static-X (2000-2005). While with the band, Tripp co-wrote much of the band’s material including “The Only”, one of Static-X’s biggest hits to date. While with the band, he toured extensively through 4 album cycles and 20 countries, and also conceived the band’s first comic book (published by Chaos Comics).
FACE WITHOUT FEAR has flavors of Tripp’s previous projects along with elements of rock, metal and punk. The product is an industrial, nu-metal, groove-oriented mash. Eisen says, “This is the industrial-metal heritage that I’ve immersed myself in through the years; combining everything I’ve played since my inception, through many collaborations and crucibles and on up to this current incarnation. It’s not just mindlessness and meaningless lyrics over metalized riffing and programming, we want to give our audience something to think about.” The band’s live show will feature an album’s worth of original material, plus a few treats for fans of Tripp’s previous projects as well as a few dynamic updated covers by such artists at The Beatles, The Ramones and The Misfits.
Deliverance,” the first track from the band will be released in full length to the public in June. The first demo of the song dates back to Tripp’s time in Static-X, and with Kenny’s help it’s been updated and supercharged. “I am the real thing, won’t you breathe in me, remove your disguise, even if it bleeds, I want the real thing” …. Says the vocalist: “It’s about bearing your soul, allowing your true identity to be seen by others, and the vulnerability that goes along with it.”
In addition, Eisen has been an integral part of the Static-X reunion and related album, from inception to songwriting content. Many of his unreleased collaborations with the late Wayne Static will be featured, as well as brand new tracks, as heard in Static-X’s current teaser videos. Eisen also played guitar on the updated versions of several ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’ songs.
FACE WITHOUT FEAR’s debut performance will be on Sunday 25 August 2019 at QXT’s in Newark, NJ.