Brutal Planet interviews ZAO

Metalcore giants, Zao, have released their highly anticipated album, “The Crimson Corridor” on April 9th.  Brutal Planet Magazine did something we’ve never done before- a nearly 3-hour interview!  Our guests, vocalist Dan Weyandt, and guitarist/clean vocalist Scott Mellinger met with Brutal Planet writer Joey Reichhoff.  They talked about writing the album/artwork first and then discussed each track in detail.  Scott shared the musical side of things while Dan shared the inspiration and meaning behind the lyrics. 

Just a reminder- this interview is not typical of what Brutal Planet would do, it is basically just three guys kicking back and discussing the album you’ve been waiting for since “The Well-Intentioned Virus.”  The Crimson Corridor is hands-down some of Zao’s best work.  We would encourage every fan to head over to to order the album now.  If you would like band merch, go to  

Check out the interview and singles below:

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