Breathe Atlantis Release “Earthquake” Video — Watch 

“Even after the longest and darkest night, a new day will eventually dawn. You just have to get through it.”
BREATHE ATLANTIS are shaking the metalcore scene with their new single “Earthquake.”

Watch the “Earthquake” video here.

After their successful singles “Overdrive” and “Savior,” featuring Eddie Berg from Imminence, their third single this year is bursting with fierce energy, catchy choruses, and offers a feeling of hope and strength in the fight against the dark side in us.

Singer Nico Schiesewitz declares, “‘Earthquake’ is our confrontation with the crap that’s going on around us right now and that is slowly eating us alive. In these times, it’s really hard to not let the darkness win inside you, and to fight against it. A lot of you probably know the moment when you feel lost and think that everything is going down the drain. But that’s when it’s important to stay upright and fight for the good in you.” 

 “Earthquake” sounds like a relentless battle between good and evil, offering ping-ponging emotions. Brutal verses that invite moshing duel with a chorus full of courage and hope before the massive breakdown evokes an emotional apocalypse. The song is a daring anthem about not giving up, driven by whipping drums and catchy melodies that are flanked by rage-filled vocals and a heroic chorus.
“I think we’ve finally found our sound and it’s fun to see the new material being embraced,” reports guitarist Jan Euler. “With ‘Earthquake,’ we managed to combine all our musical facets and still deliver a raw and uncompromising sound. For us, the last years were not easy. We had to accept setbacks and pick ourselves up again and again. There were days when we didn’t know if we had already lost or if there was still a spark of hope that what we were doing made sense.”
After the three strong single releases this year, Breathe Atlantis have confirmed that fans can also look forward to another LP and they won’t have to wait too much longer.  “We now know where our journey with Breathe Atlantis is going,” says Euler. “The album is done and will be out next spring. We still have some musical surprises up our sleeve and I believe it will be the most honest and strongest album of us.”

“No earthquake shakes my ground / I will get through the night Got the darkness inside / I am here to fight

Breathe Atlantis released Soulmade in 2019. They have played countless shows with the likes of Sum 41, Memphis May Fire, Attila, Bury Tomorrow, Crossfaith, and beyond.
Nico Schiesewitz | Vocals
Jan Euler | Guitar
Lasse Weigang | Bass
Silas Fischer | Drums