Blood of the Sun: Blood’s Thicker than Love

Heavy sounds of bands such as Deep Purple, Grand Funk and others from the bell bottomed decade known as the 1970’s continue to echo years later. These sounds are not note-for-note covers from classic tunes of that era, but heavy riffs that take one back years as if jumping into a time machine. 

Enter Blood of the Sun and their latest effort title Blood’s Thicker than Love, their fifth release. 

Even though BoTS has had various members come and go over the band’s fourteen-year career, founders David Gryder (keyboards) and Henry Vasquez (St. Vitus) have been consistent names from release to release. There have also been guest appearances by notable musicians such as Wino (St. Vitus), Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent) and the recently departed John O’ Daniel from Texas rockers Point Blank and band mate Rusty Burns who passed in 2016. 

With the addition of two new guitarists, Alex Johnson and Wyatt Burton, BoTS has solidified their lineup and dialed in a more guitar driven sound especially with the grooving “My Time” which follows the disc opener and ode to Lemmy, “Keep the Lemmy’s Coming.”

The initial appearance and impression of a six song release can be misleading but wonder no more.

Six songs is plenty of heavy rock material coming from BoTS with each track being a certified jamming good time, specifically, “Air Rises as you Drown”, the longest of the six clocking in at 8:32. 

Blood’s Thicker than Love should put Blood of The Sun on the map earning the band some well-deserved praisee. Ultimately, it will be up to supporters of heavy rock to hear what BoTS is all about. Their music is a winning combination. Blood of The Sun Blood’s Thicker than Love is available now via Listenable Records.