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Finnish chart-topping Nu-Metal stars BLIND CHANNEL have released their newest single, “DEADZONE”, along with an accompanying music video. The band’s latest track further realizes their ‘violent pop’ ambitions – showcasing catchy hooks, an anthemic chorus, and the melding of metal instrumentals with electronic/DJ effects. The new song is undeniably modern and infectious, while also cementing itself in the hard-hitting, irreverent sensibilities of heavy music from past decades. The backstory behind the wild, adrenaline-pumping music video traces back to the origins of the band’s formation.

Commenting on the single, BLIND CHANNEL share:

“’DEADZONE’ is one of our favorite songs we’ve ever written. It’s a song about reaching the point of no return. You gotta make a choice, to give up or keep going. ‘DEADZONE’ is the moment of absolute uncertainty. We’ve been there. Maybe you’ve been there as well.

Addressing the musical chemistry of the song, the band adds:

“We wrote this song in Los Angeles with the rock-writer-legend Johnny Andrews, who’s written hits for Three Days Grace and Apocalyptica. During those sessions we managed to combine our musical DNA from the early 2000s rock music with everything we love in mainstream music today. The music video was inspired by the true story about the formation of BLIND CHANNEL ten years ago.”

DEADZONE was co-written by Johnny Andrews, whose works includes credits with Three Days Grace and Apocalyptica, mixed by Grammy-nominated engineer Zakk Cervini (Blink-182, Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud), and produced by the band.

Watch the Music Video for “DEADZONE” HERE

“Rohkea rokan syö”, or to loosely translate this Finnish saying: “Fortune Favors the Brave”. Truly, none have been braver than BLIND CHANNEL. Focusing intently on their mission to take their brand of infectiously ferocious nu-metal outside of Finland’s linguistic restrictions this bravery is engrained within.

When forming back in 2013 in the city of Oulu, way up in the North of Finland, vocalists Niko and Joel Hokka, drummer Tommi Lalli, guitarist Joonas Porko and bass player Olli Matela, plus the later addition of keyboardist Alex Mattson – knew that it was all about going big or going home. When they were told to sing in their native tongue, they refused. It was simply never an option. The doors that closed only made them want to grab an axe to break through (‘The Shining’ style) to properly make themselves known. This is exactly what they did when they found their way onto the largest stage in Europe: Eurovision. BLIND CHANNEL captured and enamored the continent with the fiery nu-metal charge of “Dark Side”.

Be warned however, Eurovision isn’t the crux of BLIND CHANNEL’s story. Furiously fighting their way into the worldwide mainstream, the six-piece have always been embracing their influences, from nu-metal iconoclasts to pop and hip-hop behemoths, it’s all a part of BLIND CHANNEL’s DNA. That’s the key to their draw, they’re only interested in sticking true to themselves while studiously searching for the keys to unlock the doors of success.

“In Finland, we’ve got the most-streamed song. We play huge festival shows, huge headline shows for thousands of people. All the big labels are saying that ‘You guys have made it, I was wrong’ and we’re like ‘Yeah, here we are!’ But what happens next?” Joel says, fire burning in his eyes. “We need to show the people in Germany, UK, United States, every European country. There’s a lot of work to do for sure but we’ll be enjoying this sweet revenge. It’s not enough yet!”

Finding their equivalent of Beatlemania in their homeland, and being the next great export, more bands popping up in Finland since their success, there’s nothing that can stand in the way of BLIND CHANNEL. Their hunger is still rumbling away, and if it’s “go big or go home,” it’s bigger all the way.


Joel Hokka – Vocals

Niko Vilhelm Moilanen – Vocals

Joonas Porko – Guitar

Olli Matela – Bass

Tommi Lalli – Drums

Aleksi Kaunisvesi – DJ, Percussion

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