Blacktop Mojo: February 21, 2020 @ the Rail Club Live in Fort Worth, TX

The last time Blacktop Mojo graced a stage in DFW was for KEGL’s Freakers’ Ball in October 2019. The band was the first of six which included Bush, Filter and headliners Marilyn Manson. The venue was closer to the Dallas side of the metroplex.

This time around, Blacktop Mojo took the stage at the Rail Club Live in Fort Worth. Unlike their previous DFW performance, the band was the headliner with a genre mix of three support acts from the DFW area. It was a gathering of Texas bands for the night.

The family bond that’s witnessed at the Rail Club Live on a consistent basis was in full effect when Dark Avenue began their set. This bond was quickly on display as there were plenty of early arrivals who showed appreciation for Dark Avenue’s efforts.

Room on the stage may have been tight but the band made it work. Carefully maneuvering around fellow bandmates was the key.

At one point, several guitars picks were tossed out only to fall between the stage and barricade railing. Oddly, a young music fan retrieved one of the picks only to give it to the intended recipient. That’s the family fabric that’s been forming at the Rail Club Live. With each passing show, the fabric has become stronger and tighter.

Fort Worth based Leroy the Prophet followed. The band is not an unknown to the stages throughout the DFW area. Known for high energy and bright lights, the band entertained while providing their own unique visually stimulating production in combination with the Rail Club Live’s array of lighting.

Leroy the Prophet percussionist Collin Dunn
Photo by: Brian McLean

There was no denying Fly by Fire had the crowd hopping within the first song. Unfortunately, that momentum was lost when a round of shout outs to attendees was dished immediately following the opener. This seemed to be a common occurrence as shout outs were dished out on more than one occasions. To the band’s credit, the momentum was regained following each shout out round but it eventually became tiresome and took away from the band’s efforts on stage.

Trying to determine if Fly by Fire is a rock band or a rap band was the lingering question after their set. Rid these distractions, Fly by Fire would tighten up their presentation.

Returning to the stage in Fort Worth and not Dallas, Blacktop Mojo received a hero’s welcome.

Strapped and ready to go, the east Texas based southern groove and grunge band laid it on the crowd Blacktop Mojo style.

The opening chords of “Lay It On Me” from their 2019 release Under the Sun said it all. Not letting up, the five-piece reached to their 2017 release Burn the Ships for the title track and followed with “End of Days”.

Pulling from both releases, the band kept their set balanced. Five tracks including “The Void,” “Come Get Your Coat,” “Can’t Sleep” and “It Won’t Last” from Under the Sun. Four of the ten came from the 2017 release including “Where the Wind Blows” and “Pyromaniac”.

Probably the most unique aspect of the set was the acoustic version of Phil Collins”s “In the Air”. The cover gave everyone a breather before the Blacktop Mojo reset course to continue their energetic pace.

Blacktop Mojo’s Ryan Kiefer moving through a lead Saturday night at the Rail Club Live in Fort Worth, Tx
Photo by: Brian McLean

The hard work, determination and leaps of faith the five members of Blacktop Mojo have taken is showing. Blacktop Mojo is not only a band’s band but a fan’s band as well. The band is no stranger to the road and there is no questioning the bond of brotherhood between members.

Blacktop Mojo gave the fans at the Rail Club Live a good old fashion, on stage Texas whooping with plenty of energy.