Blacktop Mojo Drops New Single “I Can’t Tell”

Los Angeles, CA (Friday, March 22th) – Blacktop Mojo releases “I Can’t Tell” – a blues and grunge-inspired, southern twang track that soars high above modern rock with its genius instrumentation and catchy melody. “I Can’t Tell” follows Blacktop Mojo’s recent release “As The Light Fades”, from earlier this month, and will be followed by a full-length studio album, “Pollen”, on April 5th.

Blacktop Mojo’s grunge influences shine through in this track, with powerful guitar riffs and their infamous Southern twang style. Producer Philip Mosley referred to it as “Texas Nirvana” for its twangy instrumentation and sludgy undertones. Lyrics demonstrate the talent of writers Matt James and Matt Curtis, while producer Philip Mosley layers in sounds reminiscent of their vast array of grunge and rock influences, along with new sounds unique to the group.

Created by Matt James drawing from his various musical inspirations, “I Can’t Tell” started when he began tinkering with different melodies in the carport of the band’s home. From there, the song quickly became a group favorite from the new album in studio recordings. The song juggles simple acoustics with a climactic chorus, focusing on themes of indecision in love, and the modern dating scene with lyrics like, “I can’t tell if your kiss is heaven, or your love is hell.”

“‘I Can’t Tell’ is about dating in the modern age. Commitment is a hard thing to come by and only getting scarcer. It’s hard to trust anyone, especially yourself.” -Matt James, lead singer of Blacktop Mojo

With inspirations ranging from Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bill Withers, Stone Temple Pilots, to Bob Seger and Etta James, Blacktop Mojo’s music has elements of heavy rock, grunge, soul, blues, and a little splash of southern twang.

Stream the single and be sure to catch Blacktop Mojo on tour from April to August, performing shows across the U.S. such as Richmond, Colorado Springs, and Pensacola!