Black Metal Enigma (0) Re-Releases Eponymous Vinyl EP on November 29th!

Demanding and multi-faceted Progressive Black Metal – the best-kept secret of the Danish underground 
Danish black metal enigma (0) are reissuing their self-titled debut EP via Napalm Records on November 29th – testing the boundaries of black, drone and post metal once again via four extraordinary tracks. The elusive quintet’s dusky sound melds with forceful vocals and grave lyrics, offering a demanding and diverse atmosphere of blackened rage and bleak melancholy. (0) draws you straight into the dark vortex of their extreme soundscape and have been compelling listeners since the very beginning!
The somber journey of (0) has begun …
… more to be announced!
(0) on the Re-Issue: 
“We’re excited to announce the re-release of our 2017 debut EP through Napalm Records, and we’re really happy that we now get the opportunity to take our music to a larger audience. The main theme of the EP is time. How we spent our time and the consequences of that is one of our primary focuses. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know our names and faces – we let the music of (0) speak for itself!”
Pre-Order (0) (Re-Issue) HERE!
(0) will be available in the following formats:
1 LP Gatefold Vinyl Black (strictly limited)
(0) are:
vocals – (FJ) – vocals
guitar – (JU) – guitar
guitar – (MA) – guitar
drums – (JK) – drums
bass – (MC) – bass
More Info: