Black Label Society Drummer Jeff Fabb Releases “Love and War” – Talks Zakk Wylde in Pantera

Los Angeles, CA (Friday, April 5th) – Making his name in ground-breaking heavy metal bands such as Black Label Society, In This Moment, Sixx:A.M. and Filter, Jeff Fabb decided to pioneer his own sound with his debut album released in November of 2023. Following the success of his first release he plans to release a 2nd full length album this year. Jeff’s latest single and music video for “Love and War” dropped on Friday, April 5th 2024.

Inspired by Fabb’s move to Los Angeles after high school, “Love and War” is about embracing the human experience, and how the path to success is often marked by many obstacles to overcome. With slamming drums and opening lyrics like “Everlasting, adulation, will you let me empty my feelings? Waiting in the black…” the song and accompanying music video embody the feeling of being a small fish in a big pond, unsure of what’s to come.

Watch the video for Love and War:

In other news, we recently spoke with Jeff on BPM Live. In this clip he spoke with us about his feelings on his Black Label Society bandmate Zakk Wylde playing with Pantera. Watch.