Black Label Society – The Black Dahlia Murder – Alien Weaponry – Ventura Theater 9-11-2019

This show was fantastic on just about every level. I was beyond pumped to see The Black Dahlia Murder. They have always been one of my favorite metal bands and I’ve never seen them live before. I have seen Black Label Society play a few times and Alien Weaponry is another great band so the whole night was ace.

Ventura Theater Marquee

We arrived at the Ventura Theater just in time to catch the first band – however, I’m gonna post the lineup in reverse from headliner to opener, maybe that’s weird to you… I don’t care.

Black Label Society

Black Label Society built anticipation to their set for about 30 – 40 mins behind a giant black curtain. As you’ll see from the video – once the curtain dropped the stage was bathed in red light and the man – Mr. Zakk Wylde stood front and center, tearing it up. The band always sounds great and tonight was no exception. They played a hard and fast set opening with “Genocide Junkies” and then jumping right into “Funeral Bell”

The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder absolutely killed it. They played a wide variety of stuff from across their catalog. I was impressed with the drummer’s ability to keep that level of metal raging that long without a break. Everything sounded incredible and the crowd went off for the entire set. Huge pits… just a great heavy metal show from start to finish.

Alien Weaponry

Alien Weaponry came out with a strong opening and had a really great energy. I caught some video of two of their tracks and they had a decent slam pit going. I really dig their tribal style, it reminds me a lot of “Roots” era Sepultura.

All photos were taken by Nicholas Iverson Photography