BELUSHI SPEED BALL Announce Re-Release of Album ‘What, Us Worry?’

via Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

+ Special Edition Featuring “This What We Look Like” EP

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Louisville hardcore misfits BELUSHI SPEED BALL continue to prove how committed to their rabid fan base they are. After parting ways with their label, the band is thrilled to announce that they are self-releasing their new album, ‘What, Us Worry?’, in yet another premier format – Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) cartridge!

The SNES special edition of the album will also boast the addition of the band’s 7” release “This Is What We Look Like”. And if you don’t have an SNES, fear not! The special edition of ‘What, Us Worry?’ will also be released as double disc – the first disc featuring the skit-free version of the album + “This Is What We Look Like”, and the second disc being the full version of ’What, Us Worry?’ with all the skits!

Commenting on bringing their new album to the SNES, frontman Vinny shares:

“When Covid hit in 2020, times were uncertain. We rushed our EP, ‘This, Is What We Look Like’ out the door without getting that special touch by the legendary thrash master, Joel Grind. Well, thank the heavens we got a second chance. Joel has re-mastered our 2020 EP the way god intended it to sound! The three tracks will be added as a bonus to our Full Length, “What, Us Worry”.  In celebration, we are doing something truly special. BELUSHI SPEED BALL has always prided ourselves on our obscure media releases. To date we have provided our fans with playable albums on N64, Gameboy Advance, Sega CD, Teddy Ruxpin, 8-track, Furby and now…Super Nintendo!”

Previously, Belushi Speed Ball released ‘What, Us Worry?’ via N64, SEGA CD, Gameboy Advanced, 8-track, and Teddy Ruxpin Tapes!

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Vinny – Vocals/Guitar

Derrek – guitars

Jazzy – Bass Kyle – Vocals/Guitar

Senor Diablo – Skits/management

Michael – Vocals

Daniel Neel – Drums

Jamison – Guitar

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