BELPHEGOR:Working On New Album For 2020


Fire Procession Clip From Party San
Band Is Working On New Album For 2020

In late 2018, death/black commando BELPHEGOR has started composing new material for their twelfth full-length studio album that is due to be released in Summer 2020 via Nuclear Blast.

Now Helmuth and Serpenth will soon enter the studio again and give you several insights into the recording process and the progress being made.

As first teaser for the new piece of diabolical art, you can now check out a live clip from Party San Open Air in Germany, filmed last Thursday. The snippet shows the band performing a part of an unreleased new track, titled ‘SANCTUS DIABOLI CONFIDIMUS’
Filmed and edit by Anja Ahasverus.

BELPHEGOR‘s latest masterpiece Totenritual, was released in 2017 and you can order it here:

Photo by Rainer Clemens
Order your copy of Totenritual here: